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The Lauhiwa Petroglyphs on Lanai Hawaii represents one of Hawai‘i’s most significant petroglyph complexes with close to 1,000 ancient stone carvings.

Lanai’s Lauhiwa Petroglyphs are fragile rock drawings created by the ancient Hawaiians and represents one of Hawai‘i’s most significant petroglyph complexes. This difficult to find site offers close to 1,000 ancient stone carvings etched into the sides of boulders scattered across the slope.

From Historic Hawaii Foundation:

According to Kepa Maly, the executive director of the Lāna‘i Culture and Heritage Center, 95 percent of the drawings are of pre-Western-contact forms, including canoes, human shapes, animals, dogs, turtles and processions of men. “The other interesting thing about the complex” says Maly, “is that you can see that it has been used generationally. When one set of images were beginning to fade out due to centuries of exposure to weather, new images were put over them. You can still see the juxtaposing of image over image”.

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